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NILES (Russian) CNC Fanuc Oi TF

Machine Name: NILES (Russian) CNC Fanuc Oi TF
Warranty: 1 year for CNC system
Chuck Dia: 1500mm
SWING: 1600mm
X: 1600mm dia
Z: 600 mm
Height: 1000 mm Chuck Speed: 100 RPM
Chuck Speed commendable from CNC Threading Operation (MM/Rev. CSF) available
Turret 5 station
Automatic lubrication -Chuck Power 20 Hp
Complete new wiring with elements/switch gears
Repeatability/Accuracy 0.010mm
Machine H= 9.5 feet. W= 8 feet L-8 Feet
Weight Approx 14 Ton


Machine Name: TAL VMC
CNC: Siemens 802D SL
Table: 1200 mm X 600 mm,
X: 1000 mm
Y: 660 mm
Z: 650 mm
Height: 950 mm
Spindle Speed: 8000 RPM
Spindle Taper: BT 40
Automatic lubrication
Wash coolant
Fluid Coolant
Repeatability / Accuracy 0.010 mm


Machine Make JOHNFORD
Machine Type-CNC
Double Column Machining Center
Model:-VC 2000
CNC-Mitsubishi M80
X= 1700 mm, Y= 700 mm, Z= 700 mm Distance from table top = 200 mm
Table size=2000 X 750 Max Table Load=4000 Kgs
Spindle Speed = 4500 RPM
Spindle Power=11/15 Kw
Spindle Taper = BT 50 XY, &Z Axis box Guideways
Chip conveyor Tool Magazine = 24 Tools
ATC Twin Arm Type Coolant Pump
Automatic lubrication
Total Connected Power 20 Kw
Repeatability/Aaruracy 0.010 mm
Dimensions L6000 mm x W-1500 mm x H 3500 mm
Weight 11,000 kgs Approx

WMW Union

Make: WMW Union
CNC Controller: Siemens 828D, with 1 year warranty
X axis: 1,600 mm , Y -axis: 1,250 mm , Z axis: 900 mm
B AXIS/: (Rotary table) 0.001 deg index - able (its NC Rotary table)
Feed rate: (X / Y / Z) 0.001 - 5 m / min
Rapid traverse: (X / Y / Z) 10 m / min

Speed range: 50 - 3,600 rpm.
Spindle Orientation through encoder
Spindle motor: 36 KW

No of Tools: 60
Tool holder: SK 50 , Tool Changer ARM type

Through gear box
Driven through VFD

Number of pallets: 2
Pallet Dimension 1000 x 1000 mm
Max. Table load: 2,000 kg
Pallet changer through motors with chain driven

Coolant tank along with pump
Space requirement (LxWxH): 8 x 6 x 4 m


SKODA Make conventional lathe, with Fanuc Oi CNC Controller
Chuck Dia 1000 mm
Swing over bed 1000 mm
Swing over on carriage approx 750-800 mm approx
Admit between center (ABC) 5200 mm approx, overhaul bed length 6500 mm Four jaw chuck
Steady rest
Geared headstock
Tailstock with motorized movement
Box Guideways
Square tool post 4 station

Scottish Machine Tools (UK)

Make : Scottish Machine Tools (UK)
CNC: Fanuc Oi TF CNC Controller
Chuck Dia 2500 mm
Swing over bed 2800 mm
Swing over on carriage approx. 2200 mm
Admit between center (ABC) 5000 mm approx
Four jaw chuck
Chuck RPM 60
Geared headstock
Gear Box lubrication Automatic
Slide lubrication Automatic
Tailstock with motorized movement
Tailstock sleeve Dia 200 mm
Sleeve Movement manual
Box Guideways (All Guideways grinding done)
Accuracy 0.05 mm
Square tool post 4 station
Approx. Weight 58 Tons
Machine Status – Ready to take production


CNC :- FANUC OiTB CNC Controller
Chuck Dia = 200 mm
X = 160 mm
Y= 260 mm
Swing = 220 mm
Spindle Speed 4000 RPM
Spindle Bore A 2- 5
Pragati 8 Station turret
Automatic lubrication
Flood Coolant
Repeatability / Accuracy 0.010 mm


CNC :- FANUC OiTF Plus CNC Controller
Warranty = 1 year
Chuck Dia = 200 mm
ABC = 1300 mm
X= 260 mm
Z= 1100 mm
Swing on Carriage = 250 mm
Swing on Bed = 320 mm
Spindle Speed 2500 RPM
Spindle Bore A 2- 5
Pragati 4 Station turret
Automatic lubrication
Flood Coolant
Repeatability / Accuracy 0.010 mm